Bodegas Volver ~ La Mancha

Bodegas Volver was founded in 2004 as a collaboration between colleagues Jorge Ordóñez and Rafael Cañizares. Rafael Cañizares had extensive experience working in La Mancha, and Ordóñez founded the winery with the goal of producing the highest quality wine possible in this expansive region. Most famous for its production of bulk wine, Jorge and Rafa knew that there were a few certain areas of La Mancha that were untouched by big cooperatives, and sought out the best terroir in the region for the production of high quality Tempranillo.

They eventually settled in the eastern part of D.O. La Mancha, in Las Mesas, Casa de los Pinos, a small rural town famous for its wild pine groves and indigenous purple garlic, the finest in Spain. They found several spectacular head trained Tempranillo vineyards planted in extremely poor soils at very high altitudes on the Spanish central plateau.

The soils in this area are characterized by a mix of red clay, sand, and small chunks of pure chalk on the surface, and sand intermixed with chalk in the substrata. These extremely poor soils drain very well, reducing the yields of the local clones of Tempranillo. From a viticultural perspective, Bodegas Volver is unique in La Mancha, as they are one of the only producers that does not irrigate, plant on trellis, or spray fungicides, pesticides, and herbicides. The result of these authentic viticultural practices are extremely low yields of 1.5kg per vine that produce intensely concentrated structured wines.

The flagship wine, Volver, is the finest wine produced in La Mancha today.

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