Bodegas Borsao

The origins of Bodegas Borsao go back to 1958, when the Cooperative of Borja was founded. In 2001, the cooperatives of nearby Pozuelo and Tabuenca joined Borja, adding their resources and vineyards to the operation. A result of this merger, Bodegas Borsao, S.A. was established as a limited company. Its 620 members, most of them viticulturists who supply the bodega with grapes, became shareholders, and a managmenet team was appointed to revolutionize the winery, starting with grape sourcing and refurbishment of the winemaking facilities.

Located in the town of Borja, in Northwest Aragón, Bodegas Borsao is the founding origin and engine of D.O. Campo de Borja, a region which has become synonymous with high quality value Garnacha, a grape that is indigenous to this area. Garnacha is most famous worldwide for its French name Grenache, but is actually originally indigenous to this mountainous Northeastern corner of Spain. Bodegas Borsao has received myriad accolades and world wide praise and acclaim for the quality of its Garnacha based wines at every price point. Robert M. Parker, Jr. has stated on multiple occasions that it is the best winery for value in the world, and the winery’s flagship wine, Tres Picos, has been named Parker’s top value wine of the year on several different occasions. It recently held that title for three years in a row.

Bodegas Borsao and Jorge Ordóñez have an incredibly strong and long standing relationship that goes back to the early 1990’s. Jorge pioneered the market for Garnacha in the United States with Bodegas Borsao and has assisted them in the creation of many of their brands, including the top wine, Tres Picos, and regularly blends Tres Picos with his team.

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